Train with your own personal coach

Working 1:1 with a trainer is the best way to ensure you get a workout tailored exactly for your needs and your UNIQUE journey. 

All our trainers at Planet Mama have SPECIALIST pre and postnatal qualifications so you know you’re in a SAFE pair of hands.

Your trainer will take into consideration your individual journey through pregnancy or your individual experience of birth. delving deep and supporting you both PHYSICALLY and EMOTIONALLY through this wonderful, scary and transformational period. 

Plus you can schedule it around your day.

personal training

Pre-natal - 1hr

PREGNANCY is wonderful and exciting but also a scary phase in a woman’s life. It’s a time when you want to look after yourself as best as you can as you NURTURE and GROW your baby for 9 months.

Your body is going through so many CHANGES and challenges; physically, mentally, structurally and hormonally, and with so many mixed messages about what you can, can’t should, shouldn’t be doing it can be a confusing time.

Guidelines on pregnancy and exercise have dramatically changed and we’re no longer told to put our feet up when pregnant. We now know how important exercise is for both you and your little one. It can help with the common pregnancy aches and pains, alleviate lower back pain, help with birth and can set you up as life as a NEW MAMA.

Training with your own personal coach allows you to feel CONFIDENT in your journey. your trainer will either come to you personally or straight to your living room via zoom. They will guide you through BESPOKE training sessions that are tailored to you and your pregnancy. Working with other women’s health care professionals as appropriate for you. Plans can be tailored for all three trimesters so you can enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible and feel confident that you are supported through the whole of the 9 months.

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Post-natal - 1 hr

You are pregnant for 9 months but you’re are POSTNATAL for the rest of your life. so it doesn’t matter if you are a new mama or 2+ years and just coming back to exercise we are here to help. 

Your body has gone through an amazing event; growing, stretching, changing and birthing your baby and we at Planet Mama believe in respecting this process. Starting slow and REHABILITATING your core and pelvic floor, before we load and progress. 

We’ll guide you safely on your journey to wherever that may be. Whether your goal is to be strong for mama life or to get back to running, rock climbingor whatever else it might be.

Your trainer will work closely with you and your history to tailor a plan just right for you. Working closely closely with other women’s health professionals, such as physios and nutritionists.

We understand that finding time to exercise as a new mama can be hard, especially as the baby starts to grow and become more active, physically and socially. So the trainer will come straight to your home, either personal or via zoom. And if in person we’re more than happy to HELP out with your baby to ensure you get the most out of your session. 

Get in touch, we’re here for you as soon as your GP signs you off.

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What people are saying

  • Lettie is unlike any other PT I have come across and am so grateful for all our 1:1 work together. Think supernanny, blended with post natal fitness specialist and it always felt like I was training with a friend.

    I feel and move so much better now, as a result of her holistic programming. She has a gentle yet super-effective approach which challenges you in all the right ways and keeps you progressing week on week, without having to lift super heavy weights or kill yourself for hours in the gym. She blends dynamic mobility with resistance work, interspersed with cardio and no two of her sessions are ever the same. I would recommend her to absolutely everyone but especially new mums!




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