1. Reconnecting you with your core and glutes
  2. Releasing your aches and pains
  3. Getting you strong for life as a new mum

DATES: w/c 10th MAY – 20th JUNE 2021

LIVE CLASS: Tuesdays 11.30-12.30pm



Core Rehab is a 6 week course perfect for those who have just had a baby* and are beginning their journey back to exercise, or just want to get strong for life as a new mum.

Over the 6 weeks you will start to bring awareness back into your body, learning techniques that will help you, not only recover from having your baby, but prepare you for life as a new mum.

At Planet Mama we truly believe in rebuilding foundations and respecting what the body has been through. Slow and steady wins the race.

Our initial focus will be on reconnecting with your deep core using breath & gentle loading, plus stabilising the pelvis by activating and firing up the glutes.
Over the 6 weeks the intensity will gradually increase, with the intention of building a great foundation and working on common motherhood moves, such as squats, lunges and deadlifts. We’ll also include lots of juicy releases for those common tight areas and mobilisations to get you feeling good.

*Post sign off from the doctor

Who’s it for?

Any Mama who needs some TLC and core rehabilitation after having a baby.
You can be a new Mama, signed off by the doctor.
Or maybe a slightly older mum working with some diastasis, dysfunction, or looking to increase core strength.

What you’ll get

  1. 6x 1 hr live interactive classes, via zoom
  2. All classes recorded just in case you miss one
  3. Weekly deep dive into topics surrounding postnatal recovery
  4. Weekly homework and mini tasks to help develop good habits
  5. Weekly handout with summary of class, deep dive topic, homework & more!
  6. Private facebook group and Q & A’s with industry experts

Weekly Deep Dive Topics

  1. BREATHING: How to breathe properly and why it is important for postpartum recovery
  2. CORE: How to engage your deep core muscles and manage internal pressure
  3. PELVIC FLOOR: The structure, different techniques to engage. Incontinence and prolapse
  4. POSTURE: Pregnancy musculoskeletal changes and their postural hangovers
  5. STABILITY: Global stability and the importance of the glutes for optimal function
  6. NUTRITION & HYDRATION: Importance of good food and hydration to heal from the inside out

What You’ll Need

  • A mat 
  • Long resistance band 
  • Mini loop resistance band (or #lifehack using a pair of tights!) 
  • Yoga block or pilates ball
  • Some space to move and wiggle